Property Management

LPC’s approach to Property Management is to maximize the value of the real estate assets on behalf of our clients.

Our primary strategies to accomplish this mission are: (1) the application of national standards to all facets of property management, which provides institutional clients with consistent and reliable operating results and accurate and timely reporting; (2) employing the highest quality people at all levels of the organization, which provides day-to-day decision making ability/judgment, in turn allowing our client to focus on the big picture; and (3) the aggressive control of operating costs.

Lincoln’s policies and procedures enable each Property Manager to use standardized policies for all decision-making on a specific property. These policies and procedures enable the senior management staff to demand consistent reporting and techniques in providing our management services. These are defined as contracting procedures, preventive maintenance procedures, utility monitoring, budgeting, reporting all the way through life safety and risk management.

In addition to the technical aspect of Property Management, LPC prides itself on offering first-class service to our Tenants. LPC has implemented a web based software called Property Logic for all Tenants to use as a reporting tool, information tool and means to communicate directly with engineering and property management.

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