Development Services

As with any complex process, the successful completion of a development project depends upon the establishment of carefully considered goals and objectives

Whether a new building is intended for investment purposes or as an integral component of a business operation, its development is one of the most complex and demanding processes to manage. Lincoln manages the process from conception through completion – an approach that has been perfected over time to protect the owners’ interests – delivering each project on time, within budget and to the design standards desired.

We understand that the hundreds of decisions made during the earliest stages of development determine how well a building will operate and satisfy its objectives, which affect:

  • Near-term and long-range revenues
  • Operating costs
  • Value

Lincoln proactively approaches every property as an investment, giving it the special care and attention to detail that enhances value and helps reduce operating costs. This approach, based on our ownership experience, is centered around the owners’ involvement in each stage of project development.

The owner sets the project goals and objectives; Lincoln’s role is to ensure these are achieved by guiding the development process on behalf of a well-informed and involved client. The result is a facility that meets the owners’ goals and exceeds expectations.

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